All prices for recording are not a definitive nor set in stone. If you’re on a tight budget please fill out THIS FORM and we can work with you!

Recording a project couldn’t be simpler these days. With the cost of high-end computing systems and recording programs at unbelievably low costs, it would be easy for any artist to spend $5,000 on purchasing mid-level gear and record themselves. However, what you’re paying for, when purchasing recording time, isn’t gear or instruments…it’s the producer, engineer, mix, and final product! I can’t count the amount of times that a person has handed me a record and said, ‘hey, I did this all by myself’. After the first 20 seconds I quickly realize that this was a mistake. Because, nothing says “I’m ready to put emotion into this song” more than being frustrated and concentrating on recording yourself! (sarcasm) Bummer.

At [dmp], our focus isn’t on capturing good quality recording, although that is an integral part of what we do. Our focuses are the development of your songs, the production of your music, and then capturing “who you are” into audio format.

For your next project, choose [dmp] and let us concentrate on the production and engineering while you concentrate on being an artist. A typical producer/engineer of Nashville quality can run you anywhere from $700 – $2000 per song. We’ve cut down costs by using talented musicians who won’t charge you your arm, by building our own facilities, and by utilizing in-house talent. Take a look at our prices and let us know how we can help!

FULL LENGTH – 10 or more songs at $450/song (includes mixing and mastering)

EP – 6 songs or less at $500/song (includes mixing). Mastering is an additional $50/song

SINGLE SONG – 1 song at $500/song. Mixing is an additional $50, and mastering is an additional $50.