it takes time…

It takes time to build a name for yourself. It takes time to start a career from the ground to become something that the public won’t want to miss. Sometimes it feels like it takes too long, though, and keeping up momentum is a struggle. But I was once told, “9 out of 10 times in this industry hard work beats talent.”. That’s the truth.

It’s the same practice we should take with every aspect of our musical career. Some people are “overnight successes” and that’s awesome! The one’s that last, though, are theclock people who take their time and completely admire every step that it takes to get to the top. Same thing applies to good songwriting; you have to take TIME with a good song, because “a good song is written, a GREAT song is rewritten!”

We’re building a name as [dmp] to be an outstanding source of music production. I’m trying to build a name as a musician/songwriter. But it won’t happen overnight…nothing that lasts ever does.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep moving. If you’re expecting big things to happen when you’re standing still, you’ll have pain and regret as your future. MOVE!

– DM

the right sound

soundThe first record that I’d been a part of, in the Nashville area, was with Barry Blair (of Audio Adrenaline fame). In the spring of 2000, a group of guys headed to the Spring Hill area of Nashville to record a full-length record. I’d learned a TON about the recording process on this trip. Including this one nugget that’s stuck with me throughout the years. Barry had seen the gear that we’d brought in to record. Fender Squire guitars, completely underachieving amps, and a drum kit that’d fall apart. We were…embarassed. He then turned and noticed our jealousy of his many guitars and boutique amps. They were sitting next to his Dove awards and gold records. He said the words that have set the stage for my producing/recording career.

“If the song, or your music in general, calls for a Squire Strat to be played through a Gorilla amp, then that’s the sound that we need. If you’re untrue to your nature, your audience will know!”

So, in the times that you’re struggling to suppress the jealousy of others’ careers, take a look at what makes you unique and be excited about getting the best out of who you are!

– DM